How many times a day do you have negative thoughts about yourself or life events?......
......Sometimes fleeting, sometimes constant.
Imagine what might happen if you simply changed the thoughts? ......

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Inter-Life Regression Therapy

A Journey inside yourself to discover your Life's Plan.


Private Session- 90 mins | $125. |

This is more than your average Past Life Regression.  Rather than focus on the surface symptomology of unresolved issues in your life, Regression Therapy gets at the original events that sensitized you and became full fledged issues. Unless recognized and released, these issues may continue to linger and plague you throughout your life long after their usefulness has expired.  Sometimes the event was something as simple as having something small scare you as a child where it became magnified in your mind.  In that case you would need to journey back to your childhood to unmask and reconcile the scary event.

It is thought that sometimes these issues travel with you for many lifetimes or that they may be generationally attached through the dynamics of one's family structure.  In these cases the original event may reside in a past life and regression to that life may identify the core issues.  Whether you believe in actual past existences or not is irrelevant as the "lives" you journey to represent significant pieces of your personality that have bearing on current experiences and interpretations in your life.  Attributes of the past life you are viewing are working metaphors for aspects of yourself and how you react to others in any given situation.

Inter-Life Regression goes beyond this concept in that it addresses your core self and the plan that it seeks to unfold in this life. Some people choose to identify this core self as the soul, some call it the collective consciousness, others the higher mind.  It is the wise, intuitionally accessed part of your own mind.  Your core self represents the quintessential part of you that transends all individual definition or limitations.  It is always with you. You dialogue with your inner self to find out what lessons you are supposed to be learning and how the inner you had plans to teach these to you.  Why you feel and react to certain situations, why you like or dislike certain people or situations.  Most imoportantly how you can be in harmony with your true nature and how you can maximize the potential of your future opportunities and how you can choose to react to difficult situations differently.  Often long seated problems or traumas, even physical ones will dissolve as you consciously partner and communicate with your inner self.  Get back on your path to success.  Get back to yourself.