How many times a day do you have negative thoughts about yourself or life events?......
......Sometimes fleeting, sometimes constant.
Imagine what might happen if you simply changed the thoughts? ......

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Easy Fit

Weight Management Support Group


Tuesday and Thursday Evenings 7:00 - 8:30 pm |$20./week| Come One or Both Days!
(Minimum 6 week commitment)

Private Sessions Available, Please Inquire.

Forget the scales!
They don't reflect how you feel.
The real focus is you, not a little spring loaded box on the floor.

Join our ongoing support group for fun and learning.
We do amazingly simple and effective hypnosis techniques for changing your perspectives about your body and yourself.  How you look is actually dependent upon how you feel about yourself.  And others will notice this too.  You won't believe how often your family and friends ask you if you've done something different lately, if you've lost weight.  They'll notice how great you look and you will too.  You'll be more energetic and be more involved.  You'll also easily be able to pass on those foods that you used to crave.  This will also have a beneficial effect on your loved ones.

Learn how to craft suggestions for youself that will guide your choices about food and exercise.
You'll also lean how to put yourself into a relaxing light hypnotic state any time you choose.
It's not about suffering or doing without that most diets demand. Diets DO NOT work, lifestyle cjhanges do. The secret is in making small progressive and attainable changes which you practice daily. Lo and behold you will arrive at your goal before you know it.

By gently repeating your goals while in a hypnotic state you will create new wonderful habits that replace outdated or non beneficial patterns in your life that previously held you back. See an amazing tarnsformation in as little as three weeks.

In addition to the group support of people going through similar challenges in their lives and simple tools to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight, you will have access to reinforcement scripts, healthy recipes and nutritional information and recordings which help guide you into a deeply receptive state.

The trick is to bypass the self-criticism of your conscious mind.  You have all of the inner resources you need to make significant changes.

We're here to help you.  Change begins as soon as you make a committment to yourself.  You don't have to do it alone.  Call us today to learn more!